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7 healthy foods that aren't as good for you as you think

You've overhauled your diet but you're just not getting results. What's going on? Well, you could be one of the many people consuming seemingly healthy foods that aren't actually beneficial for your body. Abby Langer, a Toronto-based registered dietitian, gave us the scoop on what foods we've been tricked into believing are healthy.When most people see the words yogurt and fruit together they assume it means the product is good for you. Unfortunately this is not the case. Langer says yogurt that

CSI: Guelph-Humber

Justice Studies students have been given the chance to represent the school in a “CSI Challenge.” A body lying on a bed with a gun near its head, blood on the wall and shotgun shells on mattress. This is not your typical background setting for an interview. But, this is exactly what Kunal Luthra, a Justice Studies student at Guelph-Humber, encountered when he walked into the room to be interviewed for the school’s CSI Challenge team. “There was a (mock) crime scene behind us. So, they would j

The Future of Fashion

On the corner of Dundas and Spadina, in Toronto’s bustling China Town district, sits a fruit market similar to many others around it. But, if you follow the red brick stairs to a mirrored, rickety elevator and take it up to the sixth floor you will find the fashion studio of Jennifer Fukushima. Overlooking a gorgeous view of the city, Fukushima has set up a space to create her works of art in. Pieces of fabric, designs, sewing machines and mannequins can be found inside her spacious, yet quaint

How to help a friend who is in a toxic relationship

It's one of those situations that can leave you feeling stuck. You think your friend is in a toxic relationship but you're not sure. Should you say something? We turned to Eva Witkowska, a Toronto-based psychotherapist with more than 25 years of experience.Witkowska says "toxic relationship" is not a clinical term, but it could mean anything from excessive arguing to emotional abuse to being attracted to someone who's just not for you. So how do you know if your friend is in a toxic relationship

Greek at Guelph-Humber

Sororities and fraternities are trying to send a more positive message than what is being portrayed about them in movies. Delta Phi Nu has been a sorority for just over one year. Heather Halliday, a Humber graduate, helped found and bring it to Toronto. She certainly understands the negative stereotype given to sororities and fraternities. In fact, she was in one before. She said it felt elitist and they had asked her not to bother them too often. “I wouldn’t let a friend treat me like that so

Get active with Elite Performance House in Brampton

At only twenty-one years old Arvinder Sohi has started his own inexpensive fitness company to get people in Brampton outside and moving! Sohi started Elite Performance House about two years ago when he decided to take his love for fitness and sports to the next level. He went out and purchased some equipment hoping he could inspire people to be healthy and get fit. Sohi is taking Kinesiology & Health Science at York University. On top of that he is working towards becoming a certified exercise